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Guillemin hose end fittings are symmetrical couplings made to EN 14420-8 and NF E 29-572. The Guillemin coupling has a sealing ring located on the connecting plane. To close the coupling, it is necessary to combine 2 identical coupling halves and to turn the locking ring, located approximately in the middle of the "height" of the coupling, by a quarter of a turn. To seal the connection, the locking ring must be pushed further - if necessary, using a special tightening key. The ring can be rotated through 360 °.

Guillemin compounds can be used with hoses designed to transport a wide range of liquids, as well as solid loose and powdery substances, including water, hydrocarbons, granules, various other chemicals.

Guillemin couplings are not used to connect hoses that transport steam or gases.

Working pressure: 16 bar.

Operating temperature: -20 to + 65 ° C.

Materials of construction: Aluminum, stainless steel.


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