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Camlock is a system of universal self-locking, quick-release cam-type couplings, which allows you to quickly connect several hoses to each other, attach the hose to various devices and tanks, muffle the ends of hoses and adapters with special mud-dust caps, etc. The clutch cam arrangement provides a vibration-resistant connection to the adapter without the use of an additional cotter pin or other attachments.

At the heart of the action lies the cam principle, which allows you to quickly and without additional effort connect two parts of the camlock to each other.

Several types of case material are available:

  • aluminum - AL,
  • bronze BR,
  • polypropylene - PP,
  • Stainless Steel - SS


Available connection sizes from 1/2 "to 8"


Application area:

- production of beer, various alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages;

- transportation of clean and polluted water, sewage;

- production and transportation of liquid cement, other construction mixtures;

- transportation of various chemical liquids;

- production of vegetable and mineral oils;

- manufacture of varnishes and paints;

- fittings for receiving fuel at filling stations and fuel depots;

- production and operation of road and ship tanks;

- Shipbuilding;

- Oil refining industry.


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