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Flange connections (flange)

The most versatile and widespread joint widely used in the industry for joining metal pipes. It is chosen to ensure the strength of the mounting structure. The connection uses a flange - a round and flat metal disc with several holes on the sides (from 10 or more, depending on the diameter) for screwing in screws. Flanges with seals are attached to each part of the connection, which are connected with screws. Such a nozzle has no size restrictions, which allows it to be used for pipes of almost any diameter. In addition, with the right choice of materials, this compound can be used at any pressure. The disadvantage of a flange connection is its weight and laboriousness of the connection (each screw must be tightened), therefore it is used in fixed connections that do not require quick connection and disconnection. It is a reliable and durable connection between two pipes.

Pressure resistance: practically unlimited, depending on the material used and the diameter.

Working fluids: practically any, check with our specialists.


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