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Twisted ropes

Strand twisted ropes

Braided cords

Strand braided cords with and without a core

Natural fibers

Strand twisted, braided ropes, jute ropes, cords made of natural fibers

Twisted twines

Twisted polyamide and polyester filament fishing line

Synthetic twines

Twine of mixed synthetic and jute or cotton and synthetics


Webbing made of 100% polyester, polypropylene or polyamide multifilament high strength

Knitted cords

Knitted cord made of 100% polypropylene multifilament polyester or polyamide of high strength

Electric fences

The fence is made of 100% polyethylene monofilament or multifilament polypropylene high-strength galvanized steel wires inside

Elastic cords

16 or 24 strand braid is made of 100% polyester, polyamide or polypropylene multifilament high strength and the core of high quality rubber

Special products

Industrial thread, cord motor starter cord for elevators, power blinds, glass fiber cords and tapes, thread for stitching documents floating rescue rope

New products

Floated cords, lead cords